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Connection to the soul enables fulfillment

It is no longer a secret that the forces inside us are stronger than any medicine. We can strengthen and heal ourselves.

Inner guidance allows us to make these changes.

I invite you to experience the connection.

-Connection - inner guidance

Is a process in which we experience the strengthening of our container: body-mind and spirit in order to hear the voice of our soul, our inner guidance - the true essence that knows what we need.

My name is

Ayelet De Picciotto

and this is my story

Many years ago, trauma taught me how to disconnect from myself and from my environment.

When I was growing up, I wished to reconnect.

The profession I chose allowed me to grow with everyone who came to me for a healing process.

With curiosity and love, I combined academic knowledge with spiritual experiences and yet I still believed that the key to getting answers to the questions. I was asking was in someone else's pocket. I was so wrong.


"Life does not happen to you. You ARE life. Knowing who you truly are, is living life itself".

From 'Conversations with the soul'


Supervision for therapists on professional and personal issues that arise during therapy.

In the supervision session we will explore the processes you offer and how to combine body-mind and spirit in the therapy room.

My children's book - for purchase send a message


Lectures on the following topics:

Mindfulness. Meditation. Meditation and creativity.  Empowering beliefs - how changing beliefs and thoughts patterns can change our lives. Lowering emotional overwhelm. Living from our highest potential.

Connection  inner guidance workshop

Strengthening in-depth processes to help you find peace, release inhibiting emotions and thought patterns, to experience body-mind-spirit connection,  by using mindfulness, meditation and more.

The workshop includes 7 weekly two-hour sessions each, where you learn and experience connection to inner guidance - soul, and learn new ways of coping that will provide a sense of peace and confidence.

I invite you to experience

Individual sessions

In challenging times of crisis or transition everything changes. Our path is still unclear to us.

Despondency and sadness arises. Often we will feel on the verge of tears, low energy, and lack of motivation.

When things don't go the way we want them to, anger builds up and we'll experience stress and anxiety.

Accumulated stress can turn into anxiety. We feel it mostly through body sensations: shallow breath, fast heart beats and a sense of an existential threat, not knowing if we can survive the situation.

We can get out of it.

With 20 years of experience, in individual sessions you will receive knowledge, insights and tools. 

In a very special way,

I manage to ward off anxiety throughout the day thanks to the exercises you have given me; almost immediately I stop feeling anxious, but rather relieved and relaxed."


In a very special way, I manage to ward off anxiety throughout the day thanks to the exercises you have given me; almost immediately I stop feeling anxious, but rather relieved and relaxed."

After many psychological treatments and plenty of attempts to deepen my self-awareness, I must say that conversing with my soul surprised me in its intensity.  surprised me and sounded to me at first irrelevant to the question, Each time I’m on the verge of a downfall, I recall the word that manages to get me back on track. Sounds strange, but it just works. "

I experienced the answer inside. Every week anew I waited to come here


"The process at the workshop enabled me to focus again, there was a softness, a nest to rest on with the group."

Integration of spirituality in psychotherapy - Haifa University

Training - mind body connection in therapy 

Workshop in Switzerland-working with children and youth

lecture for help line volunteers       

DEll - lecture series on mindfulness

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