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אילת דה פיצ'וטו סטודיו
אילת דה פיצ'וטו טיפולים

In the individual sessions, I combine ‘Soul Therapy’ and ‘Connection inner guidance’ with all the psychological and spiritual knowledge I have studied and experienced in the last 18 years: MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, California, meditation and spiritual studies in Tokyo, India and Hong Kong; , Somatic Experiencing, Family Constellation and Super Consciousness.


Individual sessions are intended for anyone who is interested and is open to working with mind, body, spirit and soul, and who feels ready to deal with in matters of: anxiety and stress, crisis and transition periods, relationships, career and work, trauma and health.


Supervising therapists in the various treatment processes they offer: how to combine body and mind or body-mind, spirit and soul in the therapy room

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