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מסלול ההדרכה בגוף


What is connection to inner guidance?

Inner guidance is the vast knowledge that exists in each and every one of us about everything that is important to us: why a particular challenge exists in our lives, what is the right change for us, how to deal with a challenging situation, how to encourage a struggling child etc.
In our times accessing and spreading information is easy, false or partial information become a common phenomenon in almost every field, In a situation like this, we're likely to feel confused and our inner voice, will be lost in the general noise. The purpose of connection workshops and individual sessions is connecting to inner guidanceת, identifying our unique knowledge which is wider than our usual intuition and logic: it is our soul's knowledge.
The process in workshops and personal meetings allows us to develop confidence in this voice and thus experience ourselves more and more as our most reliable source of information.
Connecting to inner guidance is the new specialty. It is us knowing ourselves as the source of our lives. 

In what situations can this connection help?

In situations where we are debating between options.

In times of transition or crisis when we feel insecurity, confusion, or fear.

When we are looking for tools to help us deal with stress, anxiety or trauma. 

When we want to have a broader understanding about what is happening to us: why a particular challenge exists in our lives.

Connecting to inner guidance makes it possible to find courage after moments of fear, clarity after confusion. Knowing from the soul allows us to act clearly, confidently and quietly even when there is noise around and reality is constantly changing.

Can anyone connect to inner guidance?

Yes. This is an ability that lies within all of us. All you need is the will, intention and openness to be in the process.

Entering into silence and clearing our inner space allows us to connect to our inner guidance, our soul.

How do we know whether the answer comes from the soul or from our mind?

These are two different dimensions with different qualities. An answer from the mind can leave us in the field of the problem. At times it will be lost within paths of possibilities. It leaves us in the drama and does not see the broader picture: the lesson, the essence. An answer from the soul brings us to the gate. It opens the gate for us to who we really are: souls,  in physical attire. It opens the gate to our truth. In this place there is silence, self-belief. Knowing that I am at the center and the world comes to me and not the other way around. There is no separation. Life does not happen to me, life is me. There is silence, there is a sober view of the self as light, there is awakening.

What is the difference between channeling and connecting to inner guidance?

In the workshops we practice connection to the soul. Channeling is connection with an entity outside of us, from another dimension. The soul is part of us.

In our times the soul is present more than ever.


The soul is not external to me, so why do I turn to it?

Exactly as we learn to be aware of our emotions and our thoughts, in Connect Inner Guidance process we learn soul awareness. It is part of the polarity phenomenon we live in -in order to see the one, at times, for a moment, we have to be, two.

How do we know that the message comes from our inner guidance and not from an external influence?

External influence as a force exerted on our consciousness and subconscious is familiar to us from advertisements.

Inner guidance, on the other hand, is inviting and inspiring. It is a bridge that leads us to our truth. Doubt is a natural part of the process. It allows us to recognize the differences between different states of consciousness. It stem from the long-standing experience that power is outside of us, not with us. In Connect inner guidance we experience the power with in us.


Is it true to say that the soul is the higher part of the mind?

No. The soul is the light that illuminates the mind, the light that burns within us. It is the nucleus of truth. It has all the knowledge that this unit of life has absorbed Into it. it illuminates us from within.


Are we living in an age where collective consciousness allows more and more people to see their true essence?

Yes. Our collective consciousness has evolved in such a way that it can increasingly recognize its true essence: the connection between heaven and earth. And the heavens shall walk upon the earth.' (From conversations with the soul). Our true essence is to bring light from heaven to the earth. We live in an age that allows us to do this. The light of heaven is knowledge. It exists in each of us. The collective consciousness is evolving and expanding. 

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