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The purpose of the workshops is connecting to our inner guidance, the soul that exists in each and every one of us.

With the help of Mindfulness, Meditation and other energy models, we will experience how to calm our bodies down and enter a quite space, that allows us to hear the voice of the soul within us.

We will learn to identify the type of energy we experience in issues we are dealing with and how to use this knowledge for our highest good: development, growth, learning and full transformation.

Workshop level 1: 7 weekly sessions, two hours each.

Level 1 is designed for anyone who feels drawn to these topic and emotionally available for the process.


The graduates will be given the option to continue to

Level 2: 7 bi-monthly meetings, designed for students who have completed level 1 and wish to expand what they have acquired.


Guest artist: Netanel Goldberg, a singer who through his music brings us closer to the holiness that exists in each of us.


Soul Space: A monthly meeting in which we will experience our mind, body, spirit and soul.



Workshops and lectures can be invited to inspire 

change in beliefs and thinking patterns, emotional coping and ways to operate from our full potential.

Topics can be suggested according to organizations needs.

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