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אילת דה פיצ'וטו

About Me


One could say that my journey began thanks to traumas;

many years ago they taught me how to disengage from myself and from my environment.

Whenever I felt threatened, I stepped into an imaginary submarine and peered out of it through a narrow viewfinder,

or was carried off by a balloon, inflated with imagination.

When I grew up, I wished I could get out of the submarine, release the balloon and walk the earth.

I wanted to understand, I was looking for answers.

The profession I chose allowed me to take care of myself and others, and grow with whoever reached out to me to undergo a process of healing and change.


My inner curiosity and love allowed me to combine academic knowledge with spiritual experiences,

yet I felt that the key to getting answers to the questions I was asking, lay in someone else's pocket.


Three years ago, due to a personal crisis, I decided to consult with counselors and clairvoyants.

Each of them was guided by a different frequency and examined my state from another angle.

I felt how the external knowledge is distancing me from myself, and that I had to make my own way.

I decided to put emphasis on internal knowledge. 

This is how I discovered knowledge I never imagined existed in me.

Through a process of mindful observation, listening and investigation, I understood the different stages needed to connect to inner guidance, the hidden models I work with and the topics support this connection.

Thus 'Soul Therapy' was created for individuals, as well as 'Connection Workshops’, for groups.

 If you sometimes feel others have the knowledge you are looking for: know that we all have the ability and the right to connect to our inner guidance.


The core of my work derives from all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the past 20 years: MA in Clinical Psychology, EMDR, Family Constellation, Mindfulness, Meditation and Somatic Experiencing.

And through continuous attentiveness to my soul I’m able to acquire new knowledge daily.

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