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"After many psychological treatments and plenty of attempts to deepen my self-awareness, I must say that conversing with my soul surprised me in its intensity. Although initially skeptical, as the weeks pass by, I continue to experience the power my soul has. I asked my soul how I should deal with my husband's illness, following a difficult year of experiencing a poor mood and outbursts of crying. The answer I received, "calmly", surprised me and sounded to me at first irrelevant to the question, but as time passes I understand the power of this response. I can not explain it, but this message has set deep inside of me and is doing its job. Each time I’m on the verge of a downfall, I recall the word that manages to get me back on track. Sounds strange, but it just works. "


"In a very special way, I manage to ward off anxiety throughout the day thanks to the exercises you have given me; almost immediately I stop feeling anxious, but rather relieved and relaxed."


"The process at the workshop enabled me to focus again, there was a softness, a nest to rest on with the group."


"I experienced an inner solution, and was eager for the next meeting all along the week."


 "It was like an internal massage ... I see the effect of the process in my life."


 "A huge door to new places has opened."


 "This is the first time I've listened to what's going on inside me, I'm grateful, if I can do it, everyone can."


 "It's easy for me to disperse. In this workshop I've experienced my central core.”

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