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20/02/2020 - this date has

special energy – It stands for unity between form and essence and It brings with it energy of acceptance of who we are: form and essence. When these two are in unity, life become creation and revelation every day a new. So how does the energy of this day affect us? It unites us with ourselves and in this state, we experience acceptance and peace. If you want to experience this energy in its entirety Open yourself to it – during the day's activities be aware of the central axis of the body (Which starts at the middle point between the feet on the ground, passes through the central axis of the body and goes beyond the crown) and to the breath. So, what is the meaning behind the digits: The date consists of two digits - 0 2 When you connect them: 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 the digit - 8 is created. This digit represents the endless connection between form and essence. Both the essence - the meaning, the value of the numbers and the form in which they appear – 0 2 appear 4 times and together they create a new essence and shape - 8 Unity between form and essence is created when each part performs its role for one common purpose: The body - the abode of mind, spirit and soul. The essence - comes from within itself and leads mind, body, spirit and soul. The soul is the one that connects us to our true essence. When we, our body and our essence are in unity, the spirit of creation reside within us fully, thus a new essence and form can be created. Enjoy

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