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What enables connecting to inner guidance



"I always feel that others have knowledge, and that I don't. Could it be that some people were born to know and others are destined to search for it all their lives?" she asks me, a mother of three and a hospital nurse

"No," I reply, "we know a lot more than we imagine"

"I feel there is something inside me that wants to get out and I do not know what it is"

"You know," I say to her, "this week I dreamed of a dark space full of tiny sparkling lights, and when I awoke, I asked my inner guidance what this place was. The answer came shortly: the place of the souls, the dimension to which you go to every night in order to load and recharge. It’s like going back home”

“But my home is now here, on earth…”

I answered, “this is your temporary home, and now you can connect your two homes, for them to shine inside and out of your body”

She listened to me and said, "I guess you can see and hear these messages, not everyone can"

"No," I replied, "the connection to our inner guidance is possible for everyone, to one’s self, you long for. Life does not happen to you, you are life. To know who you really are means living yourself"

The path guiding us to the discovery of ourselves is already here

Our yearning knows who we are beyond the shell we are in, it calls us.

Are we listening

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