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What a delicate labor it is to be human

Reflections on my birthday which is actually everyday anew.

A saleswoman at a spice shop told me with a smile, "I'm a year older than you, I deserve respect."

I replied, "Yes, everyday deserves respect!" And was thinking to myself what a delicate labor it is to be human: To be the entire world on two legs.

To be serious without forgetting this is the game of life.

To find a resting place in restlessness.

To ask to know and to know how to ask.

To take things lightly but not in a lightheaded way.

To experience infinite light within finite body.

To know all that is, is coming out of us, reflected from our eyes and coming back to us.

To be in silence so we can hear all the sounds.

To get excited out of a spring that is always calm.

To ask for confirmation and to know that there is no substitute for our approval of our-self.

The ever changing, the eternal that will pass and the ongoing temporary.

With the skin and the scars,

with vision and blindness, with oblivion and memory,

this is perfection.

To know that everything already exists within us

and just remember breathing.

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