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The poet Rumi: wrote about the longing that is intertwined, quietly or roaring, with the depth that life has to offer.

Rumi wrote about the experience we all derive from, about our return back home to ourselves, to God.

Super Consciousness: knowledge downloaded by Ze'ev Aviraz that provides a broad view of the world of reasons - energies and how they affect what is happening in us and in our world, here on earth: the world of results

Dr. Peter Levine: Psychologist and biologist, who developed the Somatic Experience: a way of life and a mind-body therapeutic work - compassionate, patient and wise.

Trauma Healing Healing Trauma

Dafna Rosenstock: A spiritual teacher from whom I learned a great deal. One particular sentence remains engraved within me and guides me in my work: For the highest good.

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