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What is inner love

Your ability to love everything in every state. All things come from this stream of consciousness. Love is fire, it is light. Be aware of this flow, of this power within you, of the life force that drives everything and be one with it.

I never thought of it this way...

Love means to be one with existence, one with the heartbeat of the world.

Dance the dance of life that comes from within you in harmony with the environment.

This synchronization between the inside and outside is love

The knowledge that everything is one, internal and external; the ability to see everything as one, this experience allows you to look at everything with love. Inner love, external love, everything is one. This perfect flow between the outside and inside is love. There is no difference between the outside and the inside. Unity.

How should we view love between spouses

As something necessary for life.

What binds us to one more that the other

Our souls recognize and know that we have to be together, that there is a contract between us. Love is cooperation.

What do you propose should be done with our longing for the absent

t remains in the undiscovered energy channels, imprisoned. It's associated with one person, but does not belong to him. It belongs to the one who feels the longing. Longings are like water rising; treat them with compassion, love and understanding, like a little boy who lost something dear to him. Embrace him, kiss him, cradle him in your arms until he calms down

Will this not deepen the longing

No, on the contrary. This way you will increase your self-love and will have less need for external love. Do not put your thoughts in the fire of passion and frustration. Let them go, cool as clouds. Be more and more connected to the energy of life that thrusts in you in all its forms. The fountain of love, life, fills you from within with who and what you are, and so flows out. Feel it yourself, let it out

Is there such a thing as no need for external love

When you are full of love, everything feels love and is not connected to any particular person. It does not depend on anyone

Where does the search for love come from

The good that is in you. The sweetness you recognize in the other, is yours. It's a yearning for that part in you

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