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DANIELLE'S KEY - The new children's book I wrote

Introducing mindfulness to children through a magical journey of discovery and awareness.

Danielle has forgotten her key. She walks over to the neighborhood park

where she experiences a surprising journey of discovery, learning and awareness

through friends and challenges that cross her path.

In her journey she gains exiting new insights about herself,

which she manages to put into use successfully.

As a result, she feels empowered and is able to achieve her goals.

Danielle's challenges are familiar to children.

They evoke various feelings and understandings

that can serve as anchors for conducting empowering.

Through a fascinating, funny, sometimes thrilling and mostly empowering story,

young readers will enjoy the journey of discovery with Danielle,

and enrich their emotional language, learn key concepts from the world of mindfulness

and acquire awareness tools related to themselves and to their environment.

The book includes a special appendix for parents, grandparents, educators and therapists.

For children from age 5 to 12 and even up to 100. 😉

The book received the Adler Institute's content mark.

'Danielle's Key' can be a great gift for children and adults

especially during this challenging time.

*Deliveries are available throughout Israel and abroad.

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