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Do we break?

"Can you explain to me how it can be that one person happens to have all these horrible things in her life?" she asked me painfully.

Sometimes we experience situations that are so difficult that we feel we are broken. It is as if someone has drained all our energy from our body and we don't have power for anything. Nothing interests us, nothing drives us. We are walking feeling like we are a broken vessel.

So, I showed her this special bowl in the picture, which belongs to Japanese ceramics called Kintsugi. According to Kintsugi artists imperfection creates perfection. They do not throw broken dishes but fill the cracks with gold.

We, humans do not really break like a ceramic vessel, but rather breaks within us a thought pattern, a belief that has managed us. While dealing with the pain something else, new can enter into the crack. It is our "gold", our unique capabilities and qualities we have.

I invite you to remember a crisis you managed to overcome and ask yourself what you learned from it, what is the "gold", abilities and qualities that filled the cracks and made you the special vessel you are today.

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