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Eight Hanukkah candles for 8 energy centers ☆

8 Hanukkah candles are likened to our 8 energy centers and one Shamash is like the great light that gives us life energy and knowledge.

The digit 8 when written horizontally represents infinity. Therefore, we light eight candles at Hanukkah: the light is infinite.

Every day we add another candle to the menorah. In the same way, our strength also increases gradually and is usually far more than we expect, just like the miracle of the oil jug. Believing in this power doe

s miracles and multiplies it

So, next time you light another candle, you are invited to think about it

Happy holiday

☆ Our energy centers include one center in addition to what different spiritual traditions have described. It is above the 3rd eye and represents the soul in our body

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