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How and why I relate to feelings as I do?

Have you ever experienced this: as soon as it hurts and your throat chokes, a voice echoes and says: what are you crying for? I don't want to feel sorry for myself.

One of the questions I ask in workshops is, when you think about your parents, what were the dominant feelings they've demonstrated?

These are usually the feelings we will be in contact with: we will accept or reject them.

But feelings are facts. They are life energy that exists within us. When we argue with them, they intensify, and we remain frustrated. Internal approval for everything we feel liberate us and enable self-acceptance and growth.

We live in a world of poles. Everything contains its opposite. Thanks to this principle if we recognize and accept what we feel, the feeling will pass.

Try asking your kids what your most prominent feelings are. Perhaps you will be surprised, and most importantly, the question will allow open emotional dialogue with them as well.

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