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What helps us connect to meditation

"I have been meditating for three years and nothing is happening. I have not experienced anything from the metaphysical. I do not understand why It's not happening to me," she shared with me in frustration.

Each and every one can hear the metaphysical provided that we treat the physical dimension equally.

There are those who are more in the material, tangible dimension and need a reminder to connect with the spiritual, energy world and there are those who are more in the spiritual world and need a reminder to connect with the material world.

Wherever you are on this scale between spirit and matter, these two dimensions are equally important.

It is impossible to get around our body and mind and ignore thoughts, feelings and sensations. Attention to body and mind is the basis for ascension.

Imagine a mountain climber: the higher he goes, the more the air pressure is changing, and the mind body needs time to get used to it and function at that height.

The same happens with our connection to meditation - it requires process and tools in accordance with our state.

The body-mind is a tool of our soul to express itself in the physical world.

Before we send a fishing rod to infinity, we need to make sure we have roots in the ground. When we are rooted into ourselves, we can also send a fishing rod to infinity.

So next time you want to sit for meditation, the first stage is grounding: noticing your feet on the ground, the body supported by the chair and the breath. Now, turn your closed eyes slightly up and add what is helping you to stay in meditation.

And when you want to learn a new way to connect in mediation, you are welcome to join a workshop or come for individual meetings.

In the meantime, enjoy the view at any height you're in now.

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